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Nickname - Serai, or Shy
Age - 17
Age I act - Depends on my mood. Usually older then I am.
Location - Under your bed? Washington state. :D
Favorite Cartoon Character - Gir, Venom
Favorite color - black and cerulean
Favorite bands - Linkin Park, Deftones, Primer 55
What people tend to call me - sex kitten. Here kitty kitty kitttyyyy! o.o;
Why - I have a beanie that claims so.
Favorite stores - Online:,,, etc.
Web page - I have no personal webpage... yet.
Favorite quote - "Courage is not the absence of fear, but doing what is right in the face of it."


If I were to kill someone:
Weapon of choice - A freshly fueled chainsaw, or katanas. Depends if I want to do the work or not.
How many victims - Anything that moves!  :D
Why did you do it? - To stop the idiots from breeding.

The thing that comes to mind:
Doom - Holocaust
Canadian - Maple
Ketchup - cold blood
Mustard - is good with most things.
Cheese - cake
Gimp - midget
La - Ti
Choo - Ahh
Spoon - spork
White - llama.
Black - ninja
Tator tot - fries are better. >/
People - can be avoided.
Joey Jordison - Mmmn.. ripped netting.


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